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Guy, the Injector Guy™

With over 35 years of experience, Guy Luongo, our president and co-founder, shares his vast knowledge of the use of power injector systems and syringes

Using the Bracco MRI Injector

If you prefer reading to watching, here's the transcript of this video from our resident expert and president, Guy Luongo, talking about using the Bracco MRI Injector. 


Hi, I am Guy the injector guy coming here with the Bracco EmpowerMr injector and the Steriatrics B302 syringe kits that fit this injector, is a great injector and I will do another video on how much I like this thing!

I am going to show you some of the key features of it but for now I will show you how to use the syringes. 

First thing you do is peel the label and exposes the what’s in the kit, first is your 96-inch Coiled tubing, 2- 100 milliliter syringes and a small spike and a large spike. Small spikes for contrast, large spikes are saline. Let me show you how to load them up. And the key thing is how to unload this injector to, it's a little different than the rest of the injectors out there.

The first thing we do is load our syringes. I need two hands for this!

Put the syringe in and close the clamshell doors, you'll notice there's indexing on both sides of the syringe. You can just turn the syringe while in the clamshell, to better visualize the numbers.

And here you have the fast forward buttons or slow buttons. These down here run the opposite directions. 

Now just press the button, press, and hold, and it runs the plungers up automatically. Now some of you might notice this sounds a little different from other injectors, it's because this is a hydraulic injector the hydraulic panel, I have sitting right here that's what you're hearing. Normally that would be in the computer room, so you won't hear that.

Now the first thing we want to do after this is go in and grab each of the spikes out. Small spike on contrast side, large spike on the Saline side, contrast and Saline are marked right here. Remove your dust caps we are going to is start out with contrast, again, we're going to hold it on the angle. So we see that bullseye. Press down and then we want to fill. Now, of course, we are only shooting 20 normally only shoot 15 to 20ml. So we're going to take the slow button. We're going to press that and we're going to hold it. Because as soon as I release it's going to stop. And you'll see that there's 20ml in there. Take that bottle off. Then the same thing with the saline side but since we're doing 50 CCS Saline We're going to press and hold down then release. Watch and there's 50 ml right there then press any button to stop it, we overfilled a little bit. Now we're going to put on our tubing.

Now you're going to notice that you have the Y portion of tubing in the coil, so you are you're going to pull the tubing out of the center of the coil. Now take your spike off and throw that away and take your long end and connect that to the saline side the short guy side goes to contrast side.

Now you're going to notice something here on the tubing remember we can turn the syringes. So, we get that tension out of the line. There's one way reflux valve built in each one of these connectors. Now what that means is that contrast is not going to flow into saline and vice versa. But the thing is, when you go to get done injecting, it is not going to let you draw air in. So, remember that for later. 

The first thing we do is of course, we're going to run our contrast up to we just see that it enters the Y. Now we're going to run our saline all the way out the tubing dribbling it right back into our tray.

Now we're ready to hook up to the patient, then turn the injector head down.

Now we want to connect to the patient you got the patient stuck we just want to make the connection. 

Right from the head of the injector we can Arm the system. Then we just press the Run button. We are now injecting I am going to let it squirt into the tray.

Now, this is where things get a little tricky. I will explain this to you.

Right now, you can see the fingers and how they grab on to the ram, the plunger fingers are grabbed onto the ram. Now I want to remove the syringes. To do that, we can't just remove them we have to run them down to remove the syringes. We're going to press the fast forward button on both sides.

Because I didn't disconnect the two of them from the tubing. Two things are going to happen one is going to burp or vacuum is going to build up so when these eventually hit these fingers at the end, it's going to go pow!!  I want you to pay attention sometimes those go pow and some just kind of shoots the plungers up.  See this one didn't go pow. So now you know you have that disconnect the tubing before you run your rams back so vacuum won't build up in the syringe. So that's our “tip for the day”.

That's how to successfully use the B302 syringes.  So, give us a try, B302 Nice injector works well!! Check us out we can save you some money. Have a good day!

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